Herb Profile

evening primrose

Oenothera glazioviana &
Oenothera Biennis

A hardy biennial forming a rosette of soft, hairy, grey/ green, oblanceolate-shaped leaves 15cm long, that sit close to the ground. As the plant grows, a smaller rosette of leaves form in the centre of the larger leaves. The leaves have fine, soft-toothed margins, and white raised midribs. brilliant yellow, pink, or white cups or goblets
North America
Happiest in dry open areas similar to the open meadows where they thrive in the wild. Pink and white varieties flower for months but can be invasive without pruning (like mint) . Propagation by seed or cutting.
soothing for skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and dermatitis. Also good for reducing hairloss, inflammation and maintaining hormone balance. Especially helpful for minimising symptoms around that time of the month.

Companion planting guide
Basil –Plant near: most garden crops. Keep away from: rue. Comments: improves the flavour and growth of garden crops, especially tomatoes and lettuce. Repels mosquitoes.
Beans, Bush – Plant near: beets, cabbage, carrots, catnip, cauliflower, corn, cucumbers, marigolds, potatoes, savory, strawberries. Keep away from: fennel, garlic, leeks, onions, shallots. Comments: potatoes and marigolds repel Mexican bean beetles. Catnip repels flea beetles.
Beans, Pole – Plant near: corn, marigolds, potatoes, radishes. Keep away from: beets, garlic, kohlrabi, leeks, onions, shallots
Comments: same as for bush beans.
Beets – Plant near: broccoli, brussels sprouts, bush beans, cabbage, cauliflower, chard, kohlrabi, onions. Keep away from: charlock, field mustard, pole beans.
Borage – Plant near:  squash, strawberries, tomatoes. Comments: repels tomato worms. Improves flavor and growth of companions.
Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts – Plant near: beets, buckwheat, calendula, carrots, chamomile, dill, hyssop, marigolds, mints, nasturtiums, onions, rosemary, sage, thyme, wormwood. Keep away from: strawberries. Comments: marigolds repel cabbage moths. Nasturtiums repel aphids.
Cabbage and Cauliflower – Plant near: broccoli, brussels sprouts, celery, chard, spinach, tomatoes. Keep away from: strawberries. Comments: tomatoes and celery repel cabbage worms.
Chives – Plant near: apples, berries, carrots, grapes, peas, roses, tomatoes. Comments: Improves flavour and growth of companions. Deters aphids and Japanese beetles.
Corn – Plant near: beans, cucumbers, early potatoes, melons, peas, pumpkins, soybeans, squash. Comments: soybeans deter chinch bugs.
Cucumbers – Plant near: beans, cabbage, corn, early potatoes, radishes, sunflowers. Keep away from: late potatoes. Comments: Radishes deter cucumber beetles. Cucumbers encourage blight in late potatoes.
Dill – Plant near: broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, lettuce, onions. Keep away from: carrots.Comments: Improves flavour and growth of cabbage family plants.
Eggplant – Plant near: green beans, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes. Comments: green beans deter Colorado potato beetles.
Garlic – Plant near: cabbage, cane fruits, fruit trees, roses, tomatoes. Keep away from: peas, beans. Comments: deters Japanese beetles and aphids. A garlic oil spray deters onion flies, aphids, and ermine moths. A garlic tea helps repel late potato blight.
Kale – Plant near: aromatic herbs, buckwheat, cabbage family, marigolds, nasturtiums. Keep away from: pole beans, strawberries.
Lettuce – Plant near: beets, carrots, parsnips, radishes, strawberries. Keep away from: cabbage family. Comments: lettuce tenderizes summer radishes.
Marigolds – Plant near: all garden crops. Comments: stimulates vegetable growth and deters bean beetles, aphids, potato bugs, squash bugs, nematodes, and maggots.
Marjoram – Plant near: all garden crops. Comments: stimulates vegetable growth.
Mustard – Plant near: alfalfa cover crops, fruit trees, grapes, legumes. Comments: stimulates growth of companion plants. Makes great ground cover during the winter months. Mow it down in the spring and work it into the soil.
Nasturtiums – Plant near: apples, beans, cabbage family, greenhouse crops, potatoes, pumpkins, radishes, squash. Comments: repels aphids, potato bugs, squash bugs, striped pumpkin beetles, and Mexican bean beetles and destroys white flies in greenhouses.
Onions – Plant near: beets, cabbage family, carrots, chamomile, lettuce, parsnips. Keep away from: beans, pea. Comments: deters most pests, especially maggots.
Oregano – Plant near: all garden crops. Comments: deters many insect pests.
Parsley – Plant near: corn, roses, tomatoes.
Peas – Plant near: beans, carrots, corn, cucumbers, early potatoes, radishes, turnips. Keep away from: garlic leeks, onions, shallots.
Rosemary – Plant near: beans, cabbage, carrots. Comments: repels bean beetles, cabbage moths, and carrot flies.
Sage – Plant near: cabbage family, carrots, tomatoes. Keep away from: cucumbers. Comments: deters cabbage moths and carrot flies. Invigorates tomato plants.
Spinach – Plant near: celery, cauliflower, eggplant, strawberries.
Strawberries – Plant near: borage, bush beans, lettuce, pyrethrum, spinach. Keep away from: cabbage family. Comments: Mulching with or planting near fragrant herbs such as rosemary and mint will deter slugs.
Sunflowers – Plant near: cucumbers. Keep away from: potatoes. Comments: can provide a trellis and shelter for shade-loving cucumbers.
Tarragon – Plant near: all garden crops. Comments: improves vegetables’ flavour and growth.
Thyme – Plant near: all garden crops. Comments: deters cabbage moths.
Tomatoes – Plant near: asparagus, basil, cabbage family, carrots, gooseberries, mustard, parsley, onions, rosemary, sage, stinging nettles. Keep away from: fennel, kohlrabi, potatoes, walnuts.