Byron Bay Herb Nursery was established and exists for the principal purpose of providing valued, stable and wage generating employment for people with a disability.

Byron Bay Herb Nursery provides access to potential job seekers regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, religion, philosophy or cultural background and diversity.
Disability Standards

Positions Vacant

Nursery Hand (NDIS funded position)

Please click here to download an easy to read copy of the entry brochure. (see attached Nursery Hand PDF’s)
Please click here for pictures of nursery hand tasks (PDF)

Nursery Hand Duties Include: Planting seeds, Planting cuttings, Potting on, Labelling stock, Pruning, Making potting mix, Customer service.

Before you can get a job as a Nursery Hand at Byron Bay Herb Nursery you will need to:

  • Have approved NDIS funding for supported employment or are eligible for NDIS employment funding.
  • Have a disability and require ongoing support to work
  • Want to work in a nursery
  • Be able to learn about nursery skills
  • Get on with co-workers
  • Be able to lift things like plants, trolleys, etc.
  • Be able to look after yourself
  • Be able to catch transport to work independently e.g Taxi

Please contact the Nursery Manager on (02) 66 855109 for a job seeker kit.

What happens next?
Manager or Staff will provide you with some information about the nursery. You may be asked to give some information about yourself, e.g. name, address and contact number.
You may be invited to visit the nursery to see the work we do.
If you meet criteria you may like to apply for a position or do a short period of work experience to try it out.