About Us

Byron Bay Herb Nursery provides employment and training opportunities in the Byron Shire for people with an intellectual disability who require on-going support to work. Our primary business is the environmentally best practice production of high quality herbs to the horticulture market.

Byron Bay Herb Nursery opened for business in the Byron Bay Arts & Industry Estate in November 1992. The nursery is managed by a community based committee, Katia Project Inc. comprising members from the local community with expertise in areas relevant to the business and disability sectors.

Our Mission

Katia Project Inc provides paid employment and training opportunities in the Byron Shire for people with a disability who require training and support to work. Our person-centred approach ensures that our workers are in the centre of service design, planning, delivery and review. This enables them to shape and direct service and support arrangements to suit their strengths, needs and goals, with the support of their family, friends, carers and advocates. It allows them to have and maintain control of the decision-making, planning and sustainable development of their own business in an environment that encourages skill development, independence, dignity, teamwork, continuous improvement and the production of a quality product.

Our primary business is the environmentally best practice production and profitable sales of high quality herbs to the horticulture and retail markets.  We expect to improve our profitability by increasing our market share, adopting more efficient practices and upgrading our facilities.

We are also committed to exploring creative business options and partnerships in horticultural related products, training and tourism areas that will complement our current product line, improve participation, business viability and profitability, and that are a good fit with our employees, site, values and community.

We are equally committed to the physical, mental and spiritual health of our employees, customers and the community.  To this end we seek to provide a place of business that is accessible, respectful and inclusive, provides challenges, rewards accomplishments, promotes learning, and encourages contributions to the business, industry and community.

Our Vision
Byron Bay Herb Nursery aspires to provide valued employment to people with intellectual disability and be a highly profitable horticulture business that sets best practice standards in:

  • products that enhance health and well-being, and
  • business practices that are economically sound, environmentally sustainable and socially desirable

Our Values


At Byron Bay Herb Nursery we believe our business should be based on the following values:

  •  the right of employees with disabilities to enjoy secure employment, significant wages and good benefits
  • respect and support for our co-workers and colleagues and full recognition of the unique contribution each makes to enhancing our business
  • high quality products and services that offer value for money to our customers and that are produced with a healthy regard for the environment
  • a team oriented work culture that is inclusive and consultative
  • interaction based on open communication, integrity, honesty and trust
  • a work place that encourages learning for all
  • working hard and having fun doing it

Policies & Procedures

Our organisations policies & procedures are aligned with the National Disability Standards